Ways to Find Environmentally Friendly Printing Companies

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Do you care about the environment enough to search for a printing melbourne company that gives as much importance to the welfare of the environment as you do? Well if that’s the case then here are some ways that you can find a good printing company in the city that also provides environmentally friendly printing services.

Search for Environmentally Friendly Printing Services

First, you need to conduct an extensive online research on all the printing studios in the city that value the environment and provide services that do not harm the atmosphere in any way. Type ‘eco-friendly or environmentally friendly printing companies in Melbourne’ in your search engine, and check out all the companies that come up in the search results.

Check for the Green Credentials of the Printing Company

You need to shortlist about four or five companies on the basis of their work and their green credentials. Green credentials refer to the certifications received by the company, showing that the company is using environmentally friendly paper for printing and is using printers that are approved by the Forest Stewardship Council Australia (FSC-AU). Ask the company’s representative to show you their FSC and PEFC certificates. PEFC stands for Program for the Endorsement of Forests; it is another certification that ensures that the company is using environmentally friendly printers.

You can also visit the website http://au.fsc.org/ for more information on FSC rules and regulations, and companies that are certified by the FSC.

Examine the Printing Policies of the Company

Another way of ensuring that you get in touch with a digital printing Melbourne studio that appreciates the environment is by examining their printing policies and ISO certifications. Only the companies that meet the criteria for having an efficient management system that takes care of the environment are awarded the ISO 14001 certification. Check if the company you have chosen has this certification and only go forward with a deal if the company’s representative gives you sound proof of the certification.

Take care of these two simple tips while finding a printing company that provides environmentally safe printing services including flyer printing, booklet printing, postcard printing, business card printing melbourne, poster printing melbourne, book printing, letterhead printing and envelope printing. Working with an environmentally friendly printing press will help you play your part in safeguarding the environment from harmful chemicals and pollutants.



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